Sunday, March 27, 2011

What have you done for your singlehood today?

Well, the short answer is nothing... unless you count showering and putting on under eye concealer and mascara for my Sunday run to Target. I also bought (another) used sewing machine at a Thrift Store. I am heading in the wrong direction...

It seems that my profile shakeup has brought more traffic but it doesn't seem to be the right people. Let's have a rundown of the "winks":
  • A 41 year old wearing a skull cap. The other photos look like a Bobby Brown video. Oh, he is STD free according to his profile. NO!
  • A 35 year old who lives in Sault St. Marie. A mere 7 hours away.
  • A guy who's profile pic makes him look like Bubba Gump. Is that really the best you have?
  • A 23 year old with a soul patch and blond highlights. His profile led with these:
  • Main things to get out of the way.
    "-Just purchased a gym membership within walking distance of my house, should be in best shape of my life, or since I was a twiggy kid, sometime soonish.
    -I need/want to consider the girl I'm with a beauty."
Why in the hell do I care where your gym is?! Why is this what you are leading with?! Why are you interested in me... I am neither in shape or a beauty.

Ahh, the search continues.

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