Monday, March 28, 2011

Bad Date Monday

Sadly, I am running out of bad dates. It isn't that I have hundreds of good date stories, I just don't date.

In honor of my last day at Botsford last week, I remembered this one that occurred shortly after I hired in... ahh, when I was the young, optimistic age of 25.

The IT guy had come to set up my computer. He called back like 10 minutes after leaving over some excuse of needing something and asked if I wanted to get lunch sometime. Uh, sure. I need friends. MK assured me he was just being nice. So he insisted it be the next day ... uh, ok.

We agree to meet at Panera. We get there and the line is out the door so he suggests a Middle Eastern place down the street and we carpool there...

He proceeds to explain all of his native foods.. like hummus. I may be WT but I am not that sheltered... and we ordered sandwiches or something. He proceeds to talk THE ENTIRE TIME about drunken escapades... including car surfing on I-94. I start to wish that he had fallen off said car at this point so this date wouldn't be happening. He also suggested I move to his neighborhood - Dearborn Heights. Again, no, I'm good. Seriously, this is a grown ass 34 year old talking about the number of Jager Bombs he did last weekend. They started to sound like a good idea to make this lunch better and I HATE Jager!

So finally are bill comes and we can leave... so we head back to his pimped out Jeep Cherokee (ie. illegal tints and chrome rims). LAME. He proceeds to tell me that we "should probably keep this quiet since they frown upon dating at work" Um, WE AREN'T DATING! We will never be dating... you are already too creepy and controlling for my taste.. I just f'ing met you!

Luckily, I make it back to my car without incident and have garlic breath so no awkward kiss situations arise. However, this did not stop him from calling me twice that afternoon and texting me for the next 3 days. WTF!

I got the bitch stare whenever he came to the office for the next few months. You deserve it, creeper.

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  1. Did I know this happened? I am LMAO right now. M