Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Tactic

I have gotten like zero responses thus far on so I must have something wrong with my exiting profile. It isn't like it currently says anything out of the ordinary like "I take anti-depressants" or "I have 6 toothpastes in my stockpile" or "I have dabbled in witchcraft" (ok, that one is not true). I mean, aside from not running or golfing (like ALL men, apparently), it is pretty run of the mill "I am a nice person, looking for a nice person."

Sidenote: I have gotten a few "winks" from guys I am not interested in and one email from a guy who has long hair and is holding a guitar in his profile picture. He also asked for my phone number. Uh, we don't need to talk on the phone. I have also emailed several dudes and not gotten a response. Damnit, maybe I am a superficial bitch but why do I have to pick from long-haired, still clinging to the "my band will take off anytime now" men?! Why is online dating so demoralizing?!

SOOO... my dear college roommate suggested that I put my list of "reasons I would make an awesome wife/girlfriend" as my profile and I think I will! Hell, I cannot get less response!

Stay tuned for details!


  1. Beth, that's brilliant! Can't wait to hear what happens...and maybe it's time to donate some of your toothpaste stash!

  2. You could say each date comes with a tube of toothpaste!