Thursday, March 3, 2011

Instant Gratification Needed

Ok, no one has winked or messaged me yet on Match. It has been 3 days people! I even winked at one guy and messaged another. NOTHING. Wow, this does wonders for one's self-esteem!

Where are these free drinks and dinners I keep hearing about?!

Also, are men really this into running and going to the gym? If so, I am doomed. Have you seen me?! I don't run... unless being chased by someone with a gun... or in some sort of foot race for the last beer at a party. Ugh, maybe I should start running.


  1. So cute! Love the blog! You should go on Jdate for free dinners- pretend your MOT (member of the tribe). We will change your last name to Rangoldberg. I'll give you enough information to get by we can practice your "oy veys", I'll also help you learn how to complain- key ingredient if your going to pass for a Jew.... Also, for free meals, find the less attractive guys. They usually have better manners too. Who knows, one might grow on ya!

  2. Lies men tell on dating websites:
    -Apparently every man on this earth is "laid-back"
    -Every man also "stays fit"....even if their photo is completely contradictory of that statement (6-pack...who needs a 6-pack when I have this amazing keg?!)
    -Every man is AT LEAST 2 inches shorter in person than what their online profile states them to be (This fact is especially frustrating to me, as I like my men 6'4'' plus...not 6'4'' online and eye-to-eye with me in person!)
    -Finally they all state to be "good guys" and "romantics"....and yet it has not yet been proven to me that said romantic good guy even exists at all!
    -Katie :)