Thursday, July 14, 2011

I am going to hell...

I was behind 2 people at Walgreens who were buying a home pregnancy test... while on their break from the KFC next door. That will turn out well.


Ok, so people gave me flack for dismissing the first date guy so easily... so I decided to heed to his invitations and go out again last night.

Sidenote: Did I mention that we had a conversation via text message about a boil he had to have lanced?! If you say "I didn't feel well this weekend" and I respond "Are you sick?" MAKE SOMETHING ELSE UP. Do not go into details. Thanks.

He picked me up (not my first choice since it leads to that awkward drop off sequence) and we headed to the new Star Lanes inside the new fancy theater in Royal Oak. He brought his rolling bowling ball bag with him. Now, I usually prefer dive bowling alleys but I wasn't paying so whatever. He, thankfully, didn't offer me any bowling advice and let me be happy with my 102 and 121 (and a third half-game in which I was kicking ass before time ran out).

We then sat down at this weird restaurant/bar also in this giant movie/bowling complex and had dinner. The menus were backlite with LED lights and need to be charged every night. odd. I resisted the urge to order a drink and stuck with water. Should have gone with my gut.

Then he wanted to go get ice cream. Fine, whatever. My butterscotch malt was delicious.

And now to forementioned drop off sequence. We get to my house and I am ready to bolt to the door to avoid that "please don't try to kiss me situation because I am not attracted to you." but he wants to walk me to my door... 2 feet away. Ugh. So I unlocked and opened the door and we made some small talk and we awkwardly stood there.. and then I just sort of said "thanks for bowling/dinner/ice cream. See you later!" PHEW, crisis averted. (I know, I am a horrible person)

So this morning I got a text message that said "Had a great time last night. I hope I can see you again soon (longer than one day but less than 2 weeks)." Initially I thought this meant he wanted to see me for some sort of overnight situation but I assume it is a time frame for date 3. Ugh, dreaded date 3.

Once again, he is a perfectly nice guy, I am just not attracted to him! Now I have to have that conversation. Ugh. I hate dating!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It has come to this...

A Somali guy opened a door for me at the ghetto mall, followed me into TJ Maxx and asked me out. I said, "no, thank you." The end.