Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What happens on Mackinac...

This past weekend I traveled to see Cara and Carlos on Mackinac. It happened to work out that I could leave work early on Friday and didn't have other plans.. woot woot. I should also mention that the Republican Conference was also happening this weekend so the island was filled with 1700 old dudes in navy blazers and young douchers. So, as usual, we kept it classy by bar hopping on Friday night which led to late night food ordering at Sea Biscuit which led me to talking to a man-child Republican outside and then making out with him on the street. CLASSY MOVE, RANSOM! Yep, he was 20 years old but said I was "cute" which is now an acceptable compliment. I used to have higher standards but those have gone out the window. He wanted my number so we could "hang out" the next day. Seriously, oh smooth one, I am pretty sure despite our age difference, that I know what "hanging out" implies and I am going to leave this as randomness on Main Street. So, I got on my bike and rode home... to eat a grilled cheese. Gah, he isn't even legal to drink in this country! Well, at least it enforced that I have no desire to be a cougar.

In other news, I got a match.com email from a guy that said "Your Profile is funny. Based on your description (reference blog on "reasons why I would be an awesome girlfriend" because that essentially is my profile) we could be bros"

Yes, I am funny. Thank you for noticing! However, I don't think I want to be "bros"! I am not even sure I want to hang out with anyone who uses the word "bros" BLECH.

In the "weird dreams that confirm I am messed up in the head" category, this week's winners are:

  1. I had a dream that I married myself to be able to buy a house. It was some special loophole if I was married to be able to not pay a down payment or something. My mom got into it and we ordered a cake and had a tent and crap... then someone I don't talk to came and said I was "settling" and shouldn't go through with it. HA. This one was weirder than the one where I married Aileen.

  2. Cut to me having a baby ALONE in a delivery room.

Seriously, the foreshadowing is not looking good. Apparently, I think I will be alone forever so I feel like I should be an adult by buying a house and having a kid, practicality be damned!