Monday, June 20, 2011


Well, I survived my first date.

Since we were meeting downtown Ferndale, I decided to walk. However, it was warmer than I realized and arrived sweaty. Classic Beth right there.

We sat on the patio at Como's... a place notorious for expensive small portions and bad service. They did not disappoint! My eggplant parmesan was fine but not worth $14 :) After dinner we had some time so we walked to the Cupcake Station then headed to the Improv show. The comedy was good and they serve beer.

So, it was a nice time out. He is a nice guy but a bit dorky. He really likes to bowl (like has a wheeled bag likes to bowl) and is a bit socially awkward. However, he is extra chivalorous and pulled out my chair (which is makes me feel akward). Here is the kicker though - he lives at home (with his mom, blind step dad, guide dog and sister). Apparently he moved in with an ex and that didn't work out so he has been living at his parent's house.. I didn't get a sense that he was planning to move anytime soon. He works for the government as an engineer so I assuming money is not the issue.

Anyway, the conversations were fine, nothing too deep. I would hang out again but do not want to progress to any physical contact... and I suppose that is what people are ultimately looking for with online dating.

Ugh. I hate those akward conversations!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I finally have a date scheduled for tomorrow. 1 out of 20 emails isn't bad, right?! It is with the Simpsons quote guy... he seems cool enough. Lives in the next town north so I can walk to our meeting spot in the Dale.

I was trying to think of something exciting to do but couldn't so I suggested Improv at GoComedy. He then suggested dinner before at Como's. I have only ate at Como's once before... on another date. The food isn't good and they are pricey but people seem to like it... hey, I'm not paying. Plus, they serve alcohol so all is not lost. Improv is always funny and as long as he doesn't stare at me the entire time like creepy mcwears a gold chain (described in a previous Bad Date Monday post), we should be good.

I have to deduct 10 points though because he asked me, via email, to tell him a joke, "the dirtier the better." I don't tell jokes... and although I am hilarious, I don't lean toward crude humor. It is why I don't like Kevin Smith movies!

Anyway, now I need to find something cutish to wear and make sure I straighten my hair tomorrow. I will report back on Monday.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Don't you hate pants?!

That is my tag line and finally someone got it and emailed me last night! Also, it helps weed out the pervs who think it references something sexual. No, idiots, it is classic Homer Simpson! In real life, I do not hate pants..

No exciting dating news but I did get 2 emails last night. That beats all of last month... one guy looks dorky but got the reference and complimented my "outdoor" photo (which I made Collin take for this purpose - "see, I do outdoor things!"). The other has many tattoos, works for the State and can form complete sentences - well I might add. A rarity! I almost asked if any of them were neck tattoos but restrained. I don't have time to be petty here! A command of the English language is more vital at this point.

My responses seem to be the kiss of death (seriously, I don't say anything weird!) so we shall see if one of these actually equals getting some free food or drinks... err, I mean dates.

Monday, June 6, 2011

What Happens on Mackinac...

I have been MIA for a bit, my apologies to the 16 loyal readers :) Sarah has been absent too... but she has a much busier social life than I do!

After spending Memorial Day weekend up north, it has become official that the only place I get hit on is Mackinac Island. For those of you who are not familiar with this gem of a place in Northern Michigan, it is a 8 mile island with no cars, found here. It probably has something to do with the isolation and copiuos amounts of alcohol consumed that contribute to my phenomenon.

My first encounter with this phenomenon was a few years ago when I ventured up for Halloweeen on Mackinac - traditionally the weekend before actual Halloween and the last hoorah for the season. It is like a cold, clearance sale of booze for all the workers to get dressed up and make some last fuzzy memories for the season.

1st things 1st: since our days of looking sexy to bar hop in the cold are over, we planned costumes accordingly - mexicans (with border patrol escorts). You see, you can fit like 7 layers under a serape and a good sobrero never hurt anyone. But the real kicker were the Poncho Villa mustaches that we women decided to wear. This, my friends, is apparently where my real sex appeal lies. I'm not joking! Please keep in mind that these were the LEAST attractive costumes ever (ok, we could have worn penis costumes... ) Seriously, we looked ridiculous(ly awesome) and I have never gotten hit on more... what, exactly, does that mean?! I think I even made out with someone (the mustache was gone by that point... ) looking like this (I may be smiling but rest assured I am just as wrecked):

Two things are for sure though - I will never drink Mackinac Island microbrew again and I will be back up there for the festivities this year!!

Last weekend I was wearing normal clothes so that makes it a little better... but still. Apparently consuming enough vodka to make me want to imitate the bouncer at the bar (I am awesome at checking IDs and telling people to have a good night, btw) qualifes as a sexy quality. Oh, and my mad drunk bike riding with precious nacho cargo skills is a plus. Even so that the bouncer was asking about me later via text message! If I hadn't been so busy shoving forementioned nachos into my face, I could have probably explored what exactly those said but... eh. I know where to find him next time.

In summation, this is unrelated but makes me laugh.