Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's Official!

For those of you who are not my Facebook friend, D and I are officially "In a Relationship."  Somehow society now deems FB status as the highest form of commitment so we got that out of the way.  Phew!  Things are good... exceptionally good.  A few things to be worked out but it will be ok.

Because I like lists (and people have short attention spans), 5 things I learned last weekend/this week:
  1. If left alone in my apartment while I am at work, D will clean the apartment... like vacuum and scrub the shower clean.  KEEPER.  
  2. If left alone in the shower, he will also use my "fun girly products" like body scrub from Bath & Body Works.  "Don't worry, it smells kind of manly"  
  3. I won points for willingly seeing a war movie. 
  4. I apparently missed some memo on having to see Bruce Campbell movies.  The Evil Dead is on Netflix streaming so now my life is complete. 
  5. Someone telling you they are in love with you is f'ing fantastic.  I had forgotten.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I could use a nap

I had my first ever Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off yesterday and it was awesome.  We thought about doing something, err, commemorative like going to the Charles H. Wright Museum but then laziness set in.  My big accomplishment of the day was turning in my cable box with a "corrupted hard drive" for a new one.  Now, I just need to remember the day and time of all the shows I DVR and reset them up.

D and I had another good weekend.  He brought me flowers... and I discovered that I own NO vases.  I mean, it just seems more loserish to have vases just sitting around when you haven't received flowers in 10 years.  I used a mason jar.  The possibilities for Mason Jars are truly astounding.  We also had Ethiopian food, which is intense and messy (and delicious).

Saturday we went downtown for a friend's 30th birthday booze fest.  I picked my outfit based on wanting to wear certain heels so we were overdressed but that is fine.  The plan was to pre-party in the hotel suite, dinner in the building, people mover to Greek Town.

Highlights:  Seeing the riverfront and Windsor from the 68th floor of the Ren Cen is badass.   It was 10 couples at the party and it was nice to be a part of one, for once!  Made some new friends. 

Lowlights:  I could have done with better food and drinks for $90 at Andiamo but, alas, it was a fun dinner.  I lost $20 in less than 5 minutes by thinking a nickel slot was a penny slot... and betting 40 lines.  FML. The strip club charges ladies to get in so the idea was nixed.  (why do I think a strip club would be fun, you ask?!  NO IDEA)

Scene: We are on the People Mover and it is packed due to the Auto Show, Wings Game and other downtown awesomeness.  We notice a small child sitting alone.  As most of us are horrible people, we figured there was a logical explanation and disregard (seriously, I lack a mothering gene).  Well, D decides that he should sit down and talk to said child to see if he can help in some way.  Here is the conversation:
D: "Hey little boy, are you riding alone?"   "err... little girl"
Child: "I'm 24, going on 25 asshole"
D (to the group):  "Holy shit, did you guys know that was a midget?!"  (we did not!)

Top 5 things I learned this weekend:
  1. Invest in ear plugs so both of us can sleep.  I mean, err, he sleeps on the couch. 
  2. He is allergic to cats... and didn't mention it.  That seems like something to mention when I have a cat who happens to LOVE sitting on your lap or sleeping on pillows.  I also have Claritan. 
  3. Someone who was a short order cook at Denny's can make a mean "Moons Over My Hammy" replica sandwich.  
  4. He wants to name a son after himself (carry on a family name).  I, politely, "labor trumped" that. 
  5. New eyeglasses are hot. 

Over and out. 


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Flying Blind

As a sidenote, apparently some may not know what DTR means (from my previous post) but it stands for the "define the relationship" talk (not something dirty, CPD!).  And no, we have not had one yet. 

I met D three weeks ago last Friday and we have spent two full weekends together... and I am not ready to punch him.  This might turn into an actual, adult relationship! We have also jet packed past the point of trying to impress each other as evidenced by me wearing gym shorts, a giant old hoody and slipper boots all day on Sunday.  If you know me, you know I don't wear shorts! 

We went to dinner on Friday, slept in, had breakfast, napped, watched bad tv like Intervention and Hoarders, watched the Lions game, watched the entire first season of Spartucus on Netflix, did laundry... truly, laziest weekend ever.

Five things of note I discovered this weekend:
  1. Never play the "have you ever" question game sober.  Or maybe just never ask questions you don't want to know the answer to... it will only confirm how much of a fail your dating life has been.
  2. He can cook breakfast things really well.  That bodes well since eggs are one of my cooking weaknesses. 
  3. I am overly neurotic about squeezing the toothpaste tube at the top.  (If you squeeze from the middle, it takes that much longer the next time!)  Also, we need to work on this putting the toilet seat down thing. 
  4. If you are watching the Lions playoff game as the avenue for meeting someone's parents, it isn't so bad.  If you watch the Lions lose with a U of M fan, they will take it really hard.  They are not used to heartbreak like MSU fans are... 
  5. Apparently I have a very adult life because I have food in my fridge, kitchen gadgets and clean towels.  Win? 
So, anyway, I am just flying by the seat of my pants here.  He is on an out of town work assignment for the next 6-8 weeks so I have my weekdays to be productive and such.  

Friday, January 6, 2012


So, the dude who stood me up last month (after having talked for weeks) winked at me on  You're shitting me, right?  Do you really not remember that YOU HAVE MY PHONE NUMBER!  What is wrong with people?!  I mean, I know I am a catch and I can see why you would want to get to know me but you had your shot. 

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Trial by Fire

Holy shit, it is 2012!  This year, I traveled to Union Pier, MI for the 3 day drinking binge with college friends.  There are occasionally some other activities in there like eating, napping and trips to the liquor store and casino... but mostly it is an annual tradition to see who has the worst singing voice at Rock Band or who can pass out last... In my case, I also faced the prospect of being the only single person there and that was TOO MUCH (yes, being previously married still counts in my head as not being single).  So, I did what any (il)logical girl would do who had been on two dates with someone: drunkenly texted "you should drive out here!" before passing out.

So, imagine my surprise when I finally got my ass out of bed at 2pm and had a response of "what's the address?  I will see you in a few hours" Holy crap, Batman!  So, after a short consultation with the college roommie concluded with "I think you should," it was game on.  I mean, this could either go really well or horribly bad but we might as well see sooner than later - get all the awkward stuff out of the way when an abundance of booze provides a buffer: meeting the friends, seeing me in fat pants for 2 days, finding out that I drool and can never seem to wash my mascara off BEFORE bed, the usual.

 So, I think it went well. I had a good time, he seemed to, everyone was nice.  He even wanted to hang out at my house on Monday, so that is a good sign. (truth be told though, I NEEDED some alone time on Sunday night - I don't know how married people do it.)

So, what's next, you ask?!  I have no idea!  Have some fun, have a DTR at some point, go from there.