Monday, December 5, 2011

Things I learned last week...

See what I mean!
Over the weekend I flew to Chicago to surprise my BFF for his early 30th birthday party.  We were ushering out The Roaring 20s so a costume was required.  I learned that 1) wearing a blond wig, fake eyelashes and heels will make you feel oddly more attractive. 2) Wearing one eye lash into Walgreen's because you f'ed the other one up and need to buy a new set will make you feel like the main character in A Clockwork Orange 3) Just because someone's house had Guinness on tap, does not mean Irish Car Bombs are a good idea.

On an unrelated note, I went on a blind date with the coworker of a friend last Tuesday.  He lives in a neighboring Woodward Corridor community but we settled on meeting at the WAB in Ferndale for drinks (I cut to the chase on this one... no drawn out phone discussions after captain no-show the week before!).  For all intents and purposes, he is a perfect match for me - 31, owns a house, has a good job, likes beer and sports, very nice, witty, mentors children, not ugly... and we had good conversations.  I am just not (yet) attracted to him!  So after drinking three Raspberry Blondes, I went home to overanalyze my obviously messed up brain wiring and I came to the conclusion that I am attracted to arrogant self-assured(?) confident (?) guys.  Now, on the surface there is nothing wrong with this... but none of them have turned out to be particularly stellar relationships! I mean, this kid didn't come off as a beaten puppy, he was just lacking a confident edge.  I am also not sure how I never made this connection before.  Also, this is even more absurd since I am the least confident person ever (or maybe that is WHY I want someone like this...) 

Now, before you all chastise me, I am willing to go out with him few more times.  I realize that it is possible to become friends first (or something). 

crap.boobs.crap.  (i miss The Simpsons)

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