Monday, December 19, 2011

Damn you

So I cancelled my subscription at the end of November.  Unfortunately it wasn't because I FOUND THE ONE (as promised - I think I deserve a refund), it was simply set to re-up and due to my phenomenal lack of budgeting skills in the job switch, I simply didn't want to spend $60.  Apparently, much like Gmail, nothing actually ever disappears when you cancel Match so I still have a viewable profile and dudes can still communicate with me.  So, after a month of no emails or winks from guys, I got 2 of each this week!  Now here is where the website becomes a big marketing ploy to get you back into their web of expensive empty promises that play on your desperation for love for the new year - I have to pay again (a lump sum, mind you) to read said messages or even see who they are from.  SHIT!  The curiosity is killing me.  WHAT IF THIS GUY IS THE ONE?!  (sarcasm)  Knowing my luck, however, it is probably some fake guy that Match makes up to get you sucked back in, like Tom from Myspace.  So, I will do what any cheapass single person would do - look for a coupon code online and see what it amounts to.  I need some excitement in my life anyway. 

On a sidenote, during my Grandma's 86th birthday dinner, she mentioned (again but with more force) that I should join this:     This was right after she asked what I was "doing with my hair"  Um, nothing?  I had even blow dried and straightened it... you know, special occasions don't warrant pony tails - those are reserved for work and all other days.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY HAIR?!  I digress.  So, being the good, life-fail grandchild, I looked up this website.  I don't think I can do it.  There is a Bible verse as the opening banner and you can submit prayer requests (I wish we could see some of those).  There is also a misspelling of "deeply" in a message from the Community Relations Manager on the "Church" page that introduces the 15 page pamphlet churches can use to explain "Christian Online Dating."    They mentioned "courting" more than once... I am not having my first kiss at the alter.  I know I am being blasphemous and cynical, this just all seems a little "drink the Koolaid" for me.  I would love to meet a non-atheist but this is a little too shoved down my throat. 

I just went through the basic form to search matches and 90% of these people don't have pictures... I don't have that much faith.  Of the 30 guys with pictures, NONE of them live in the actual city of Ferndale.  I find that interesting... it must be our acceptance of "the gays"

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