Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ahh.. reality tv validates my life again

So last night I had just finished watched a touching episode of Hoarders, featuring a man who had over 1,000 pet rats, when Intervention came on next.  Now, I have never watched this show but I feel this episode was especially shit-showy.  It featured a former pre-med student who was addicted to huffing computer duster.  Yes, that can you spray to remove crumbs from a keyboard... she would just suck it into her mouth mid conversation like an inhaler.  W.T.F!  10 cans a day of that shit ain't cheap!  To add to this girl's charm, she also was anorexic and a cutter... so she was looking rough... like, Oscar the Grouch rough (but not quite meth head rough).  ANYWAY. the most disturbing part of the show may have been that she had a tendency to "meet and marry guys"  YES, PLURAL!  How does that happen?!  How do you find not one, but TWO guys who want to sign on with that?!  Also, since her latest divorce, she also managed to find a married sugar daddy to pay her rent and give her cash (ok, so it may have been a prostitute-esque situation but I could give up 2 hours of my week for free rent... I mean.... err, that is wrong)   I know there are desperate people everywhere but your skills in the sack cannot possibly overshadow your obvious crazy. 

So, today's moral of the story is: At Least I am Not Married to a Huffer! Win. 

P.S. to drug addicts: If your family invites you to a hotel in the town you live in, you're about to get Intervented!  Don't be shocked. 

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