Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Soulmate alert

A real gem "Favorited" me on  He had the classic half-naked self-taken photo in a bathroom where his other hand is either holding his pants up or down them... and the other photo was of a double tongue piercing... I am sure there is a population of women who that would attract.  You know what they say about tongue piercings... wait, I think that is for chicks who have them. 

The real clincer in getting me excited was his profile description (note, no edits):

"My name is tommy im 34. I work rlly hard. I own my car and house in hamtramck. Im kinda tired of the mind games that sometimes girls pull. I also have 14 tattoos and 5 body piercings. Basically lookn for the same somebdy with tatts n piercings. I recently had quit smoking ciggarettes like 6 months ago. I drink only occocasionaly. I have a business management certificate. Currently in u s truck driving school because of our economy resulting in no jobs. Im lookn for a girl tht knws what she wants. Im mostly interested in girls that are slim and that is in shape otherwords not lazy. I dress in jeans and tshirts. Ilove to cuddle to movies. Just love to go out and enjoy life because its really short. I have one pet that is a cat ive had her since she was born. I enjoy texting so if u want the phone number just ask."

Unfortunately, we cannot be soul mates because I do not have tattoos (yet!) or piercings (except the one I can't get out) and I am nowhere near "slim"

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