Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday Night Lights

In exchange for working long hours this week for a work event, I got to leave at 12:30 today. Driving home I had all these grandeur plans of things I would accomplish this afternoon that ranged from scrapbooking 5 years of events, to doing laundry to grocery shopping. I managed to get some crap out of my car and put it away and watch some tv.... before taking a FIVE HOUR NAP from 3-8.

Now, usually I can take naps and go back to bed in relatively short order. Due to a complete lack of a life and social calender, I decided to pass the time between bed times by watching a few episodes of Glee (Mind you, I have the entire season recorded since I am NEVER in the mood to watch it). Well, this lead me to now.... 4:30 am, 6 episodes later and no sleep in sight. I think I will take a shower, watch the sunrise and head to Eastern Market at the crack of dawn... mostly out of curiosity. Or usher the apocalypse in.

One thing I have gleaned from watching all these episodes is that my high school career was way less ass-packed. No, less is an understatement. These kids are getting it everywhere! I should've been a singing cheerleader!

Once again, I need a life. I literally have no plans or reason to leave the house tomorrow or Sunday which means I cannot meet someone, seduce them, trick them into marrying me and then convincing them to let me be a stay at home wife.

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