Monday, February 28, 2011

Let's Do This!

Ok, I bit the bullet today and joined and I wasn't even drunk! In true Beth fashion, I did find a 25% off coupon code....

Non-singles always say "Have you tried online dating?!" (like it is some magic pill to ward off spinsterhood) and then everyone has an opinion on which you should sign up for - eharm, match, POF, whatever. So this time around, I am trying Match (since it seems to be the most popular). I signed up for eharmony awhile back but it was endless steps and questions and bullshit and I only went on one date. ONE. So, there, now I am trying the other one!

So, anyway, I am now searching through white men in the D who are 26-34 (does that make me too picky?!) and trying not to judge them based on their photo. I might also be hitting refresh every five minutes to see if Prince Charming has emailed me yet..

Sidenote: Do all men have a picture of themselves golfing or just the first 5 I clicked on?!


  1. Hi girls! Just leaving a comment because I know how thrilling it is to get comments :) I wish you well in your quests!

  2. Thanks, Tera! Keep your eye out for any single men for Sarah - she lives in your neck of the woods.

  3. Really? I know exactly one single (divorced)man...I love him, but I think he would be kind of hard to live with...but I can ask him if he's looking--maybe he's just what Sarah is looking for. He is college educated and employed, at least, and he owns a house with his very own washer and dryer.