Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sarah's Intro

Hi. I’m Sarah. I dream of having a husband, a house and in-unit laundry. For some reason, that is considered quite an ambitious goal in 2011. Last week, a little old lady told me that I needed to get serious if I wanted to find a husband. Her suggestion: move to Alaska. I laughed, but the lady’s facial expressions conveyed that this was no joke. Apparently, if I want to have children before my uterus dries up, I need to move to a location that has a higher ratio of men to women; pronto. While I will give Alaska some thoughtful consideration, I do not think I have exhausted my options here in Minneapolis. So, for you, friends, this is where our journey will begin.

I'm 32 and chronically single. I consistently date commitment-phobes, douche-bags and "nice guys" that I don't find attractive.

I enjoy watching sports (especially baseball, football and hockey), being outside (canoeing, kayaking, sailing, swimming, picnics and lawn games) and socializing at happy hour. I have a particular fondness for Big Buck Safari and the original Nintendo. Right now I'm learning darts.

I often find myself in ridiculous situations and major dating fiascoes. Stories will follow!

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