Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beth's Intro

Hi, I'm Beth. I currently live in Ferndale, MI (affectionately known as "The Dale"), a hip, small, inner-ring suburb of Detroit (affectionately known as "The D"). At 28, I have found myself in that weird "Oh shit, I am the only single person I know and all my friends are starting to have kids and buy minivans" phase of life... so we need to get radical in the pursuit of cohabitation! No one likes a crazy cat lady!

Interests include the Detroit Tigers, exploring Detroit, bargain hunting, being crafty, beer, reading and bad reality tv.

Common annoyances include bad spelling, expired license plate tabs, rude people, men who wear gold chains, paying full price for something I know I have a coupon for and leggings.

This blog will chronicle my pursuit of love. Warning: hilarity (and swearing) will ensue.

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