Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Trial by Fire

Holy shit, it is 2012!  This year, I traveled to Union Pier, MI for the 3 day drinking binge with college friends.  There are occasionally some other activities in there like eating, napping and trips to the liquor store and casino... but mostly it is an annual tradition to see who has the worst singing voice at Rock Band or who can pass out last... In my case, I also faced the prospect of being the only single person there and that was TOO MUCH (yes, being previously married still counts in my head as not being single).  So, I did what any (il)logical girl would do who had been on two dates with someone: drunkenly texted "you should drive out here!" before passing out.

So, imagine my surprise when I finally got my ass out of bed at 2pm and had a response of "what's the address?  I will see you in a few hours" Holy crap, Batman!  So, after a short consultation with the college roommie concluded with "I think you should," it was game on.  I mean, this could either go really well or horribly bad but we might as well see sooner than later - get all the awkward stuff out of the way when an abundance of booze provides a buffer: meeting the friends, seeing me in fat pants for 2 days, finding out that I drool and can never seem to wash my mascara off BEFORE bed, the usual.

 So, I think it went well. I had a good time, he seemed to, everyone was nice.  He even wanted to hang out at my house on Monday, so that is a good sign. (truth be told though, I NEEDED some alone time on Sunday night - I don't know how married people do it.)

So, what's next, you ask?!  I have no idea!  Have some fun, have a DTR at some point, go from there. 

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