Monday, June 20, 2011


Well, I survived my first date.

Since we were meeting downtown Ferndale, I decided to walk. However, it was warmer than I realized and arrived sweaty. Classic Beth right there.

We sat on the patio at Como's... a place notorious for expensive small portions and bad service. They did not disappoint! My eggplant parmesan was fine but not worth $14 :) After dinner we had some time so we walked to the Cupcake Station then headed to the Improv show. The comedy was good and they serve beer.

So, it was a nice time out. He is a nice guy but a bit dorky. He really likes to bowl (like has a wheeled bag likes to bowl) and is a bit socially awkward. However, he is extra chivalorous and pulled out my chair (which is makes me feel akward). Here is the kicker though - he lives at home (with his mom, blind step dad, guide dog and sister). Apparently he moved in with an ex and that didn't work out so he has been living at his parent's house.. I didn't get a sense that he was planning to move anytime soon. He works for the government as an engineer so I assuming money is not the issue.

Anyway, the conversations were fine, nothing too deep. I would hang out again but do not want to progress to any physical contact... and I suppose that is what people are ultimately looking for with online dating.

Ugh. I hate those akward conversations!

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