Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Don't you hate pants?!

That is my match.com tag line and finally someone got it and emailed me last night! Also, it helps weed out the pervs who think it references something sexual. No, idiots, it is classic Homer Simpson! In real life, I do not hate pants..

No exciting dating news but I did get 2 match.com emails last night. That beats all of last month... one guy looks dorky but got the reference and complimented my "outdoor" photo (which I made Collin take for this purpose - "see, I do outdoor things!"). The other has many tattoos, works for the State and can form complete sentences - well I might add. A rarity! I almost asked if any of them were neck tattoos but restrained. I don't have time to be petty here! A command of the English language is more vital at this point.

My responses seem to be the kiss of death (seriously, I don't say anything weird!) so we shall see if one of these actually equals getting some free food or drinks... err, I mean dates.


  1. Michael SatterbergJune 16, 2011 at 5:45 PM

    God I love that line and say it often! I love that it is your match tag line! Classic Simpsons. You might have to go out with that guy just for the reason that he got the quote.

    Also, although we have not hit the "follow" button you can add me and two of my co-workers to your regular following ; )

  2. Becky thinks you and i could "at least be friends" :)