Saturday, June 18, 2011


I finally have a date scheduled for tomorrow. 1 out of 20 emails isn't bad, right?! It is with the Simpsons quote guy... he seems cool enough. Lives in the next town north so I can walk to our meeting spot in the Dale.

I was trying to think of something exciting to do but couldn't so I suggested Improv at GoComedy. He then suggested dinner before at Como's. I have only ate at Como's once before... on another date. The food isn't good and they are pricey but people seem to like it... hey, I'm not paying. Plus, they serve alcohol so all is not lost. Improv is always funny and as long as he doesn't stare at me the entire time like creepy mcwears a gold chain (described in a previous Bad Date Monday post), we should be good.

I have to deduct 10 points though because he asked me, via email, to tell him a joke, "the dirtier the better." I don't tell jokes... and although I am hilarious, I don't lean toward crude humor. It is why I don't like Kevin Smith movies!

Anyway, now I need to find something cutish to wear and make sure I straighten my hair tomorrow. I will report back on Monday.

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