Thursday, August 9, 2012

The perfect (shit)storm.

Oh, blog, how I have missed you!  You see, life in a relationship was too mundane and boring to blog about.  No one wants to hear about dates at Olive Garden because someone had a gift card or my constant annoyance at someone's habit of getting out of the shower dripping wet and then drying off (after my floor and rugs are soaked).  BUT, that is behind us now.  You see, I am back on the singles circuit!

How did that happen, you ask?  Well, after a nice gesture followed by not thinking things through (sewage+mop+put back in my kitchen), I made a bitchy comment.  He packed all his crap and left without so much as a word.  I apologized, he never called back.  SO, in true passive-aggressive ambiguous form, I changed my FB status and called it over. 

Of course, there are things I will miss, but I don't think this would have worked long term.  We have differing opinions on handling money, politics, etc. 

Other things I learned:
  • I don't EVER want to watch cspan or Meet the Press or Chris Matthews again.  I will take CBS Sunday Morning, Good Morning America and Teen Mom anyday!
  • Brunch at Fishbones is delicious
 Things I am left with:
  • A Yoda bobblehead.  Do I mail that back?!  
  • My fattest self ever.  This one is a real "get back into the dating scene" confidence boost!  
  • Having to pay for movies again.  THAT sucks.   
So, how long do I have to wait to re-up my membership?  Yeah, I said 12 days also.  Time is a-wastin!  

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  1. Haha...Match is STILL failing me! But now that we are FINALLY single at the same time and living in the same state...I vote we do something that involves us getting ridiculously drunk....SOON!

    Love you!
    Katie E.