Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spell check is your friend

Ok, had a match.com date last Friday. We met at a local coffee shop and talked for a bit and then walked around downtown Royal Oak. Details: 33, lives downtown RO, going to OU for an accounting degree, works in facility management at a GM plant, has a motorcycle, former auto mechanic. He was a nice guy, easy to talk to, not pretentious. He called me on Saturday to say he had a good time. Will definitely go out again after he finishes final exams.

On another note, I got an email on match from a guy I am pretty sure has contacted me before but now has a new profile name and some new photos (but still old ones up). Now here is where I get bitchy... his profile was full of misspellings and weird sentence structure. Also, his email spelled "favorite" wrong... twice... (actually, it was the same question in the subject line and body: "Do you have a favorit place up north?")

I didn't get the impression that he is an English as a second language candidate so I am not sure why his profile says things like this: "I looking for a sweet girl that knows how to care"

I know, I know... I am too picky and not everyone can be a good speller but CLICK THE SPELL CHECK button to keep it under wraps until after I meet you.

Off soapbox now.

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