Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'd rather be drinking

My mom sent me this article. Now, I don't watch much RR (because, unfortunately, I have a day job) but it has some useful points (that I will mock and dispel for the sake of blogging).

Now, using my own NEW AND IMPROVED profile for reference, let's dissect.
- Do not use the words "fun and interesting" Ok, no problem. I do not particularly find myself fun and/or interesting and no one wants a conceited girlfriend :)
- Put interesting points front and center - I bullet pointed them. Cannot be easier to read than that!
- Get the conversation going - See bullets highlighted above. Acceptable topics could include beer, sports, family, bargains, whatever. I am not that picky. Please do not mention your mom, ex or make any sexual references in the first email.
- Spellcheck - This might be my biggest hurdle with online dating... if you cannot form a sentence, use text speak or don't spell common English words correctly, I am not likely to reply. this Iz Hard 2 red (see what I mean!) Shallow, I know.
- Choose Photos - I think I have a good variety of photos - a variety of seasons, casual and wedding dress, the token outdoor photo taken at a National Forest... I mean, I guess I could get one of me with a golf club to seal the deal...

Ok, kids, that is all for now!

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